4 tipy, jak pečovat o len

4 tips on how to care for linen

Linen is a sustainable material both in terms of origin and durability - with proper care, you can use linen clothes and bedding for years. And compared to other fabrics, it can even be more and more pleasant . How to care for this 100% natural material?

1. Wash linen as little as possible and at a low temperature

The more carefully you treat linen, the longer it will last. Sometimes it is enough to air it out instead of washing it . If there is no other way, then we recommend putting it in the washing machine for 30 °C , ideally not to be mixed with other materials . Use ecological detergent and definitely avoid fabric softener . Turn the printed linen pieces inside out.

2. Dry linen clothes and bed linen outside

The dryer can damage the natural fiber, so it is better to dry the linen pieces hung and turned off on a line , preferably outside in the wind . But be careful, do not expose only to direct sunlight . If you have nothing else to do but just hang it on the dryer at home, it doesn't matter at all, because linen fabric dries very quickly .

3. Iron the linen wet

Linen is inherently squishy, ​​but that's ultimately one of the things we love about it. You don't have to be more careful when ironing linen clothes, towels or sheets than with other materials . Iron when still damp or with a steam iron, don't be afraid of high temperatures . Light fabric will last a long time, turn dark fabric inside out to avoid white maps.

4. Always hang linen clothes on a hanger

Linen requires airiness and because of its wrinkle it makes sense to always leave it hanging . E.g. try to at least ventilate the linen from the window or in the garden once in a while.

How do we design ELKA LOUNGE linen pieces?

All our linen products have a special softening treatment Extra SoftFinish . Shirts, kimonos, trousers, dresses and bedding will surprise you with their softness , which is even more pronounced after washing. If you just love it but think it's only suitable for summer, read our article on why linen is suitable all year round .

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