Loft 903 / Vanguard Prague

Loft 903 / Vanguard Prague

The main part of the space is reserved for the living area. It includes a living room, a bathroom and a bedroom. This part can be separated by sliding curtains as needed. A kitchen counter with a bar island and a spacious dining table are placed in one order, creating a comfortable place for cooking and dining. Upstairs, in addition to another guest bedroom, you will also find an elevated gallery. The bridge below hides a walk-through dressing room and separate rooms with shower and toilet.


About the Vanguard Project

The Vanguard project brought about the transformation of the former Microna factory in Modřany, Prague. Industrial machines have fallen silent here, and in their place, unique housing units have emerged, along with an environment for studios, studios, unconventional office spaces and showrooms.


Photo: Studio SKULL

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