Interview with architect Gabriela

Gabriela, what led you to choose architecture as your profession?

I always enjoyed drawing. I also played the computer game The Sims as a child, where I enjoyed designing houses and interiors the most. In high school, I then had to decide what I wanted to focus on. Since I enjoyed mathematics and drawing the most, I decided to study at the Faculty of Architecture in Prague.

During your studies, you worked in a Czech architectural office, and after finishing it, you decided to move your place of work to Norway. How and in what do you see the difference in work "morale"?

I see the main difference mainly in the working mode. Norwegians have a set system in which they strictly observe working hours and rest periods. Overtime is exceptional here.

We know that you have been playing sports since you were little. It was basketball competitively and later recreationally tennis, did Norway somehow enrich your sports activities and how?

Yes, paddel tennis is very popular in Norway. It's something between tennis and squash. I started to enjoy it a lot and since I play normal tennis, the beginnings were not difficult for me.

Are you subject to fashion trends when choosing clothes?

I don't give in, I wear what I like at the moment.

What are your favorite fashion pieces?

I like neutral, monochromatic and simple pieces. I have mostly black and white clothes in my wardrobe. I really like to wear bell bottoms with cotton t-shirts at the moment, but I also like to wear dresses.

What is important to you when choosing clothes?

I like comfort. So the clothes have to be comfortable, made of pleasant material and at the same time I have to like the given piece.

How do you spend your free time?

In my spare time, I like to play sports, go on trips with my family or spend time with my friends.

How would you define well-being?

To me, that means being positive.

How do you take care of yourself?

I do sports almost every day, sometimes I go to the sauna.


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