Ema a Laura | Interview

Emma and Laura

Interview with EMMA AND LAURA

Emo (4.5) and Lauro (2.5), you have just returned from an early autumn holiday on the Turkish Riviera. Your parents told us that you looked forward to the sea all year and even played there often. Did you like it there?

Ema: I liked it, a lot. I was looking forward to.

Laura: I liked it there too.

And what did you like the most there?

Ema: Pool and water slide.

Laura: Ice cream and fries with ketchup.

Don't you like swimming in the sea?

Emma: My eyes sting there.

Laura: There's no water slide.

How was the flight? You flew for the second time in your life and the first time was a great experience.

Ema: The plane was huge and there are flight attendants. I like to fly, but sometimes my ears hurt. We always get a lollipop at takeoff and landing. I was a bit bored then.

Laura: Lollipop! And it goes really fast when it takes off!

What do you like to wear the most?

Emma: Dress, like a princess.

Laura: What Emička.

What is your favorite color of clothes?

Emma: Pink.

Laura: Like Emička.

How did you like the ELKA LOUNGE tracksuit sets in the beach photos?

Ema: A lot, we used to do silly things in the sand.

Laura: They were dirty from sand.

How is your day?

Ema: I already go to kindergarten and after lunch my mother comes to pick me up, we go to the playground and play with Laurinka. I still go swimming.

Laura: I am at home with my mother and after lunch we go to pick up Emička at kindergarten.

How would you define well-being?

Emma: Well, what?

Laura: I don't know.

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