Proč mít v šatníku aspoň dvě basic trička

Why have at least two basic t-shirts in your wardrobe

Tell us who you are and we'll tell you that you need a basic t-shirt. Regardless of lifestyle, everyone needs a pair of quality t-shirts that fit. And one of them must be white.

Your first t-shirt

It doesn't matter if you spend your days in the law office, at the gym or on the go. A white t-shirt is an elegant classic that you can combine with a jacket, sweater, linen shorts and denim . You can't go wrong with it, on the contrary, it will always save you when you don't want to come up with an original look. Its "basic parameters" are essential:

  • It doesn't have a print, or it has a decent logo that does not disturb the resulting look .
  • Yippee comfortable , does not constrict anywhere, you can comfortably raise your hands in it.
  • It is made of high-quality material, preferably from organic cotton . Thanks to this, you don't sweat as much in it looks like new after many washes .
  • It has length to the hips , not completely tight, too short or oversized (such t-shirts are great, but they do not fulfill the universality of basic pieces).

Your second shirt

Choose a white T-shirt the second basic t-shirt according to yourself . To make it really basic, the color should remain easily combinable – these are usually neutral colors black, white, gray and then the shades that we find in the great nature - green, dark blue, cream and beige variants .

Choose a more slim or loose fit, depending on what you like to wear, but remember that a crop top or an oversized t-shirt will never work universally. The closer you are to a neutral color and cut, the more often and longer you will wear the shirt.

Once you find the right one, stick with it

BASIC FINAL TIP: When you find a t-shirt that suits you 100%, it's a good idea to buy it in the end in all available colors .

Do you need to supplement basic ?

In the ELKA LOUNGE e-shop, you can find slim fit, regular and loose fit cuts of basic t-shirts in several colors. All our t-shirts are made of fine premium organic cotton, designed and sewn in the Czech Republic .

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