Propadli jsme povlečení! V čem je přínos kvalitního českého povlečení?

What is the Benefit of Quality Czech Bed Linen and Why Have We Fallen For It?

We spend ⅓ of our lives sleeping; it is essential for our biological rhythm. Sleep also sets the tone for our entire day, and in the evening, we retire to bed to cleanse ourselves from the day's hustle and bustle. Read about something you might not have thought about in connection with bed linen and why it is crucial to invest in high-quality bedding!

In Direct Contact With Our Skin 

Bed linen is quite a piece. It is undoubtedly the largest piece of your "home fashion." Since bed linen touches your entire body, you should pay great attention to it, whether it's the choice of material or the emphasis on quality dyes. More on that below.

The Importance of Bed Linen Material (Weave, Type of Material) 

A lot has been said about bed linen material, but it is such a fundamental topic that we prefer to summarize it again.

The key is the choice of natural material. We don't even need to mention the hazards of cheap synthetics since you've come to our blog; you certainly don't think about them.

What is the Difference Between Satin, Cotton, or Linen? 

The difference lies in both the finishing, the density of weaving, and, of course, the choice of the material that suits you. Linen is the coarsest of all these options – we are talking about coarseness at the level of the finest materials, so please take it with a grain of salt. 100% cotton, for example, percale, is generally somewhat finer. The finest representatives are then bed linens made of cotton satin or percale. In the middle, there is, for example, cotton labeled "Renforcé."

Weave, Density, and Fineness of Fibers 

Apart from linen and, for example, flannel (which you can also see on bed linens and which is suitable, for example, for winter months), most manufacturers, including us, focus on selecting cotton fabrics that have a purely natural base and suitable properties such as breathability and softness.

Bed Linen Made of 100% Cotton Satin 

Bed linen made of cotton satin represents the finest option for bed linen. Satin finishing of cotton is characterized by a light sheen (more visible in some colors, practically none in others). Satin bed linen has excellent cooling/insulating properties. It behaves quite inversely, cooling in the summer and warming in the winter.

Bed linen made of 100% organic cotton – percale? 

Bed linen made of 100% cotton or 100% organic cotton (which we use) is also extra soft to the touch, but compared to satin, it is slightly coarser. Both variants have their advocates; some prefer a more matte material that holds its shape better. This is precisely what cotton bed linen is. Thanks to the high fabric density, just like satin bed linen, it is a product that will last for many years.

Bed Linen Made of 100% Linen 

Linen is linen; some love it, some do not appreciate it. It is a very interesting material with a completely unmistakable natural character. Even dyes cannot take it away from it. When dyeing linen, you can see various cracks and color interruptions that are characteristic of linen and remain visible. Linen bed linen seems coarser to the touch, but it's just a matter of habit. Unfortunately, we cannot describe it differently than by trying it on your skin. But many people completely fall in love with linen bed linens after a few tries. Will you fall in love with it too?

Did you know that our bed linen includes buttons made of Corozo material – material made from pressed palm seeds that have the same durable properties as plastic but are entirely natural?

Frequent Washing and Durability for Decades. Bet on the Quality Brand of Czech Bed Linen 

Although we have long argued that clothing should be sparingly washed (you can find more about washing and its impact on sustainability on this page), unfortunately, we cannot do without washing bed linen. Bed linen needs to be washed and changed frequently (although you don't have to overdo it if you properly and regularly ventilate your bed linen). For this reason, it is essential to pay attention to densely woven and high-quality materials that will not weaken with frequent washing and will last for several years. Quality materials are also essential for dyeing. Washing removes the color from it, and it's not just that it looks worse, but it also gets into your skin. Therefore, we always recommend making sure that your bed linen material contains suitable certifications (we only work with materials certified by OekoTex 100).

A Piece of Sustainability – Certificates, Microplastics, Material Consumption 

Frequent washing significantly contributes to the release of microplastics (in fabrics that contain them – blends with polyester, synthetic materials). Due to frequent washing of bed linen, this is a problem that you can solve by choosing natural materials. Certifications are also essential, such as the OekoTex certification, which ensures the use of health-friendly dyes, and the GOTS certification guarantees that your product was made with ethical and environmental standards in mind and is as environmentally friendly as possible. The last point is material consumption, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. It is incredibly important not to waste it by purchasing low-quality products that create unnecessary waste.

Bed linen made in the Czech Republic. Czech bed linen brand ELKA LOUNGE. 

Yes. We are a Czech bed linen brand. Our bed linen is entirely made here, just like all our products. The only exception is the buttons, which, due to their uniqueness, we import from Panama – they are made from natural palm seeds, something that is not yet done in the Czech Republic.

Thank you, Forbes, for including us among the 3 most beautiful bed linens made in the Czech Republic! 

Take a look at our bed linen collection and get your piece from a Czech brand.

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