Udržitelnost. Co vlastně znamená a proč ji vidíme už téměř všude? 2. část

Sustainability. What Does it Actually Mean, and Why do We See it Almost Everywhere? Part 2

This is a continuation of the second part of the article: Sustainability. What Does it Actually Mean, and Why do We See it Almost Everywhere? Part 1 here.

What is the Message of Sustainable Brands and Sustainability-Minded Customers? 

As sustainable brands, we should strive to oversee the entire process as efficiently as possible, educate customers, and provide transparency. As an informed, sustainable customer, you should be willing to support such brands and take an interest in the meaning of consumption as a whole, striving not to contribute to it unless absolutely necessary. We all understand that there needs to be a balanced balance between product availability (none of us has the time to search for the purest brands all day), and those brands should work to be visible. Conversely, quality sustainable brands must save in many areas to keep the product price within reasonable limits—specifically, where we, as brands, need to save, is in marketing, business, and unnecessary expenses. Therefore, it is essential for our paths to intersect so that we, as people, take an interest, remain loyal, and we, as brands, utilize this for further waste reduction. Where does this return to us? To a cleaner environment, more time for life rather than chasing consumption, and also in quality local employment because we are all working on something, and we should all strive to make our surroundings and environment better.

Let's gradually change the world of the fashion industry into a cleaner place, and not just there; similar principles apply to sustainability in all sectors, starting with unnecessarily lit lightbulbs. However, let's all take it with a sense of perspective; no one will change the world on their own, and certainly not all corporations will immediately become sustainable. And a sad mood won't make it any better. Our actions and small steps accumulate. So, let's find joy in every cleaner purchase and every piece of new information that makes us more sustainable.


In conclusion:

  1. Examine the product, the amount of fabric, components, seams, etc., and consider what an approximate adequate price should be—perhaps just estimate how long it would take you to make such a thing.

  2. Check the origin of the product – if it's from countries where similar conditions to ours likely apply, sustainability is more probable.

  3. Do you know the brand? Look at its website to see if you can find more information about its sustainability and the origin of the product.

You may be wondering, what steps do we take for sustainability at ELKA LOUNGE?

  • We manufacture products from a few materials that we use for multiple products to minimize fabric consumption - Minimum waste principle.
  • We choose materials that are as pure and natural as possible and don't combine them too much with others.
  • We select suppliers who always have an OekoTex certificate for health safety for up to 1 year of age (the strictest version).
  • We often purchase fabrics with GOTS certification - the strictest certification for the origin and processing of natural materials.
  • We have switched to using buttons made from Corozo material - pressed palm seeds.
  • We manufacture entirely in the Czech Republic and purchase from Czech suppliers 80% of the time.
  • We practice packaging-free storage - saving storage space and offering products with packaging to customers for an extra charge.
  • We use only 100% recyclable paper packaging without hidden foils.
  • We are a 99% plastic-free company, keeping 1% just in case we forget something 🙂
  • We donate fabric remnants for use in the automotive industry or to other interested parties.
  • We aim to educate and save on marketing expenses, for example, by photographing within our ELKA CLUB - photography with real customers in their natural environment.
  • We strive for continuous improvement.


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