Nové produkty, nový směr značky

New Products, New Direction for the Brand

You might have noticed that ELKA Underwear recently transformed into ELKA LOUNGE. However, we've changed much more than just the name. We have numerous new products, we're working with new materials, which you can filter on our website... And that's not all. The new name signifies a shift in the entire concept, a shift towards the birth of a new ethical and sustainable brand from the Czech Republic! 

What Materials Will You Find With Us? 

A novelty is the "BIO" label on many products, but what's more? You can easily find out what's truly organic about them. 

For men's t-shirts, we started using 100% organic cotton, and for boxer shorts, you'll find 100% organic cotton poplin. Our new active shorts and sweatshirts are made from 95% organic cotton. Moreover, these materials are GOTS certified. 

What Are the GOTS and Oeko-Tex Certifications? 

These are labels for certifications that individual components of our products have. You can learn more about what each certification means for the environment and for you in our article "How to Think About Fashion." 

In each product description, we're completely transparent and you'll find exactly which certification corresponds to each component of the product. What will you find in the description? 

Yarn certificate: This refers to the main fabric from which the product is made. 

Print certificate: This covers any prints on the product (if it appears that a product isn't printed, it might refer to a small print, such as a tag fold, and we account for that too). 

Elastic certificate: This refers to the elastic used in the product.


Filter by Materials, Certifications, and Mood 

We understand that we have many novelties, and it might be challenging to navigate them. That's why we've prepared special filters for you, so you can tailor your selection! 

Do you have preferences for materials or specific certifications? The filter allows you to easily choose your priorities. If you're not entirely sure what a particular material entails and whether it will be comfortable, check out the "Materials" page to learn a bit more. 

Once you have the material question sorted, you can decide if you're looking for something specific... perhaps something cozy for home or sleep, or something well-fitted for sports? You can search among Home & SleepwearActivewearUnderwear, or Loungewear categories. 

Then it's just a matter of determining the pattern or color that would complement your wardrobe. Choose thoughtfully, as our pieces will last in your closet for much longer than one season. So, what will you still like in a few years? 

In the Basic line, you'll find solid pieces or those with subtle patterns. If you're looking for something a bit more adventurous, check out the Collection line, where you'll find products with striking or seasonal designs. 

The Mood categories will help you decide on colors – whether it's colorful and playful items in Colours, subtle pieces in Mild, or Black & White (which speaks for itself). :)


Why will you love our novelties? 


Active shorts, lounge shorts, new boxer and bra styles, new t-shirts, sweatshirts, and lastly, the new BIO underwear line. There's a lot, and you'll find it all conveniently grouped in the "New Arrivals" category! These pieces will be loved by anyone who appreciates comfort at home but also a bit of sport. ;) This versatility is enabled by high-quality materials and thoughtful designs. 

Are you a yoga enthusiast or do you just enjoy stretching at home? Then the active shorts made of 95% cotton will surely suit you. If you prefer something more dynamic like dancing, opt for lounge shorts – they're made of incredibly comfortable micromodal and feature high side slits that won't restrict any movement. 

And if you're after an essential piece for home comfort that can also be a companion for any outfit, you're in luck. T-shirts made of 100% organic cotton have a subtle signature print and come in basic colors, making them versatile for any occasion. The same goes for our sweatshirts made of 95% organic cotton – this gentle and incredibly comfortable material can only be described as "you have to touch."

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