Micromodal, vaše second skin

MicroModal - Microfiber, Your Second Skin

It's incredibly soft, flexible, and durable. That's why we call it your second skin. We use it to create the finest products like underwear, tank tops, or women's bodysuits. We're talking about MicroModal. And if you're looking for everything important about this amazing material, you'll find it in this article.


Modal, MicroModal, Microfiber

Modal, more precisely its micro version, MicroModal, falls under the category of microfibers due to its fineness. Microfibers are known for their perfect suitability for finely woven products that are softer to the touch than cotton or viscose. MicroModal is often compared to silk in terms of its characteristics. However, thanks to the combination with other materials like elastane, it becomes materials that are usually very flexible while remaining strong. Due to the length and density of the fibers, it is an incredibly durable material with absolute softness and consistent properties.


Sensory Benefits of Wearing MicroModal?

  1. Softness: MicroModal is an incredibly soft fabric, especially our version at 185 grams, and with the "lounge" cuts we use, the clothing practically feels like a second skin.

  2. Durability and Support: Thanks to its tight weave and long fibers, MicroModal is incredibly durable, providing support where you need it, despite its softness. Try our underwear or bodysuits, and you'll experience benefits no other material can offer.

  1. Water Absorption: MicroModal has significantly higher absorbency than cotton.

  1. Breathability: The combination of water absorption and breathability makes it an amazing material for sleepwear, sports, or daily wear, where your skin is in direct contact with the fabric (MicroModal underwear, sleepwear, bodysuits).

  1. Stretch, Shrink Resistance, and Colorfastness: MicroModal hardly shrinks or stretches. Due to its high absorbency, it maintains colorfastness throughout its lifespan.

  2. No Wrinkles or Pilling.

  3. Skin and Environmentally Friendly.

Origin of MicroModal and Its "Naturalness"?

If you search for MicroModal, you'll often come across claims that it's a 100% natural material derived from beechwood cellulose. As you may have noticed, we strive for objectivity, and sustainability is not just a marketing term for us. So, we must be objective here.

Yes, MicroModal is produced by dissolving "beech sheets" to create textile fibers. However, the process of converting beech sheets into fibers involves the use of chemical substances (although significantly less than with other materials). Therefore, MicroModal is not 100% "organic," but it certainly isn't considered an artificial material either.

To put it precisely, Modal is an "eco-friendly" alternative for products that require ultimate softness, comfort, and other advantages of natural fibers, which is why we use it. One of Modal's main advantages is that beech tree growth requires very little water, and the processing of Modal is similarly efficient. The entire process of producing Modal material consumes approximately 10-20 times less water than materials like cotton.


Which MicroModal Do We Use?

After years of testing, we chose MicroModal with a composition of 93% MicroModal and 7% elastane, weighing 185 grams, certified Oeko-Tex 100. You can find MicroModal in our men's and women's boxers, bras, women's sleep tanks, and bodysuits. As part of our "minimum waste" project, we use remnants of MicroModal fabric for the inner parts of our relaxation masks.


In Conclusion, About MicroModal

If you're looking for an "eco-friendly" material with fantastic properties, MicroModal is the best choice. It's a premium material that justifies its price, especially with its first-class softness and quality – truly your second skin.


Experience it for Yourself:

MicroModal Underwear: Men's boxerswomen's boxers, women's bras

MicroModal Sleepwear: Women's sleep tanks & tops, women's shorts

MicroModal Bodysuits

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