Lněné oblečení: Ideální outfit i na zimu

Linen clothes. An ideal outfit even for winter & tips on how to care for linen

We don't need to introduce linen clothing and its gradual return to prominence. Our linen collection has become an absolute bestseller for the summer, and as many of you are gradually discovering, it is not just a summer outfit tip. And here's a couple of reasons why it's just the perfect outfit for winter too.

Is it only suitable for winter? Definitely yes.

Among the leading properties of linen are its long-lasting durability and practical stability throughout the period of wear. For that reason too, it does not need to be kept in the wardrobe only for the summer months. Its raw look ideally underlines elegant and sophisticated outfits.

Antibacterial properties and great thermal conductivity are other pros that speak clearly for winter linen. Outfits complemented by a linen shirt or top are excellent for all-day use, when you have to handle a lot of different daily challenges while still feeling incredibly fresh, comfortable and elegant.

How to wear linen clothes in winter?

Linen clothing should be an integral part of your year-round capsule wardrobe. For example, linen shirts or tops gain their greatest potential with so-called layering, when each layer of your outfit fulfills its purpose.

The linen shirt is thus ideally combined with, for example, bodysuits or undershirts, which take care of maximum body temperature maintenance, and the linen layer complements it with its good thermal conductivity and adds warmth over the entire surface of the linen clothing.

On less cold days, you can complete such an outfit with a light coat, on colder days it can be great to add, for example, a wool sweater or an oversized sweatshirt made of organic cotton.

Linen bedding for winter.

Of course, the same properties that apply to linen clothing also have linen bedding. This is often mistakenly referred to as summer bedding. It also applies here that the excellent thermal conductivity, antibacterial properties and softness of linen disprove this myth, or complements - linen bedding is wonderful for year-round sleep, provides great breathability, a pleasant feel and long-lasting durability.

A few tips for caring for linen clothes:

  • thanks to its antibacterial properties and dirt repellency, it is not necessary to wash linen clothes often - just air them out regularly
  • linen fibers keep their incredibly stable shape, however, we recommend not drying the clothes - thanks to the 100% proportion of natural fibers (which dry quickly on their own), the fibers can be damaged by high temperatures in the dryer or lose their color and shine
  • we recommend ironing linen clothes, ideally moistened, but despite your best efforts, expect it to wrinkle a little, which is a feature that most of us rather fell in love with anyway
  • ideally iron on the notch, this will achieve greater protection of permanent colors
  • if you really need to wash your linen clothes, we recommend washing at 30 °C (ideal with the use of as few chemical products as possible)
  • our linen collection is made from linen with an extra softening Extra SoftFinish treatment
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