Průvodce mikinami: Jaké máme střihy a jak vybrat oversized mikinu

Guide to sweatshirts: What cuts do we have and how to choose an oversized sweatshirt

Our cotton sweatshirts for women, men and children have in common precise tailoring and premium material: 95% organic cotton meets 5% elastane to make the fabric pleasantly flexible. In all categories you will find two cuts: regular and oversized . How to choose between them?


We can simply say that regular is a basic cut that is more formal and you can create elegant outfits with it in addition to casual ones . The seams in the upper part of the sleeve fit exactly on the shoulder, so you can easily put on additional layers over the regular sweatshirt , be it a jacket, coat or jacket. All our regular sweatshirts have a logo in the sternum area.

Which size?

Choose the regular fit according to your ready-to-wear size (Do you have M? Buy M). For each of our products, you will also find a size chart that you can follow.

Women's regular hoodies with and without a hood

Men's regular hoodies with and without a hood


The oversized cut is sewn in such a way that it looks more relaxed and casual . This is mainly due to the sewing of the sleeves, which have seams below the shoulders . Because the seams in this case do not belong to any specific place, the oversized cut fits almost everyone perfectly . All our oversized sweatshirts have the logo on the left chest.

Which size?

As the name suggests, the size is intentionally larger . And if you like the relaxed oversized style but don't want a sweatshirt that big, we recommend buying one or two sizes smaller than your ready-to-wear size. See the size chart on the product page for exact measurements.

Women's oversized hoodies with and without a hood

Men's oversized hoodies with and without a hood

Even children can choose

For the sweatshirt made of organic cotton, only a T-shirt made of the same gentle and 100% comfortable material . Read how to choose the right basic T-shirt .

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