Oblečení, které s vámi procestuje svět

Clothes that travel the world with you

Are you clear about what clothes to pack with you on vacation ? Most of us play it safe from time to time and have a few proven pieces that we don't go anywhere without. You will also find several certainties among the linen and organic cotton products of ELKA LOUNGE.

Linen shirt and linen pants for men and women

Have you ever thought that on vacation do we collect places that we see only once in our lives ? There is no reason to spoil such moments with uncomfortable clothes. We vote for linen. Gentle and pleasant material that absorbs well and cools slightly in the heat .

ELKA LOUNGE linen pants

The linen set is the perfect sparring partner for a summer vacation, because in it you can go to the center of a hot city, to the beach or to a harbor restaurant . At first glance, it impresses with its quality, which, however, does not play tricks . On vacation, it is not about pomp, but about 100% comfort and experience here and now . To make your set last as many holidays as possible, take good care of him .

Linen shirt and linen pants ELKA LOUNGE

Quality sweatshirt for the plane and for sunset on the terrace

Even summer has its cooler face . Air conditioning, evening breeze from the ocean, cooler air after rain... Simply put, don't underestimate it and pack at least one warmer piece with you - anytime, anywhere. And reach for a high- quality sweatshirt made of organic cotton that will last you years without pilling and in its original color .

An organic cotton sweatshirt in any light color is the best choice for us. It warms, is soft and soft to the touch and, unlike artificial materials, you will sweat less in organic cotton. The light color does not burn in the sun and in tropical areas you will appreciate that mosquitoes can be seen on it.

Photo: ELKA LOUNGE, Michaela Krajanová

Travel. Whatever it takes.

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