Blíže o našem novém konceptu – ELKA je součástí Your Moments!

A Closer Look at Our New Concept - ELKA is Part of Your Moments!

We all enjoy watching how others live. There's no need to debate that. Reality shows are multiplying, and following someone on social media is the easiest thing in the world. But what interests us the most is how our customers live. How do those who wear ELKA LOUNGE live and what do they do when they have our pieces on? How do we find out? We ask, we go to their homes, and we even take some pictures. ELKA on real people in a real environment... We want to capture your everyday moments and experience Your Moments with you?

Why Your Moments? 

We sort of answered that in the introduction. Since our beginnings, we've been curious about who wears our products and where. When you only make sweatpants, it's quite clear. You can find other bits on Instagram in tagged posts. But ELKA is no longer just sweatpants.

We continually expand our range, naturally increasing the possibilities of how and where to use our products. Therefore, we are increasingly interested in when and where you wear them and how you feel while doing so. No, we're not stalkers... But seeing our sweatshirt or shorts directly on you, reading reviews about how comfortable our materials are – that's why we do it!

So why approach models for photoshoots who may not even wear our brand? We are much happier when we can photograph an editorial with someone who already has their favorite piece from us, or with someone who likes local brands and would like to try our products. We prefer to photograph people at home, using minimal editing, avoiding exaggerated poses or advertising gimmicks... just #bodypositivity, #positivevibes, YOUR MOMENTS!

Sustainability in Marketing and Creativity 

We must admit that it seems like a bit of a waste to pay hundreds of thousands or millions to large production agencies. Instead, we collaborate with people, often freelancers, who share the same values - they enjoy local fashion and sustainability, just like us, and, of course, they have creative skills. It would be foolish not to work with them.

We can significantly reduce the final amount for one photoshoot and invest it, for example, in the production of more local products for you.

Do you want to see what the result looks like? Check out the latest Your Moments from Portugal, where our colleague Veronika packed a few ELKA essentials and one upcoming novelty!

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