Interview with Veronika Sovadina Kašáková

Veronika, participation in Czech Miss started your career as a model, what would you most likely be doing today (apart from your foundation) if it hadn't been for that?

I would definitely write books and devote myself to children in any other way. I am a trained teacher of after-school and preschool pedagogy, so children would play a vital role in the profession. Or as my second secret passion has always been theater, so I still think I would fulfill this desire.

You are close to fashion and your field. Are you subject to fashion trends when choosing clothes?

As ever, but mostly I stick to my own style that makes me feel the best. During that time, I chose what is closest to my heart and that is elegant and timeless fashion style. I still enjoy being a woman, but I'm not afraid to wear a man's suit.

What are your favorite fashion pieces?

I like timeless things and simple minimalist style. In most cases, including mine, it mainly consists of jeans, a belt and a white t-shirt, and then a classic jacket with large padding. But I do not disdain a straight feminine bodycon dress where a woman's curves stand out.

What is important to you when choosing clothes?

It's important to me that my clothes fit and feel comfortable. As I get older, I can't stand it when my clothes or any clothes pinch me or scratch me, even if it suits me. That's why I don't choose these clothes, I like local brands and I'm starting to be loyal to a few high-quality Czech designers also through materials and sustainability.

Why cooperation with the ELKA LOUNGE brand?

What appealed to me the most was the bedding and the way you run your brand and also your philosophy. I'm a bed linen enthusiast, it's a guarantee of quality sleep for me, and that's why when I saw and was able to try your bed linen, my heart immediately belonged to you.

What do you appreciate most about us?

What I appreciate most is the execution of the material, your vision that you have and at the same time the personal story behind the ELKA LOUNGE brand. He not only made me laugh, but also moved me. Let him tell you, hee hee 😊

How do you spend your free time?

I spend 99% of my free time with my son, which fulfills me the most, I enjoy all the activity, I enjoy rediscovering the children's world and there is nothing more I would rather do. At the same time, I very much like to go to the cinema, read an excellent book, watch movies, listen to music, and I also like to spend time with my family and friends.

How do you take care of yourself?

As I get older, I take better care of myself. I have my routines, which I do every morning and evening, I also see taking care of my hands and feet as regular hygiene, i.e. pedicures and manicures, I take care of my hair and clothes very seriously, and what I still struggle with the most is quality food, because I really like i sin At the same time, I exercise regularly.

How would you define well-being?

I would define well-being as a feeling of absolute satisfaction and balance, when your imaginary chair you are sitting on does not move. For me, it's finding a balance between taking care of my son, my dreams and work.

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