Muzikanti na tripu

Musicians on a trip

1. Mark, Lukáš, how do you manage to combine work/school with the musical group Muzikanti na trip?

M: Fairly easy. I am lucky that I got into the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts, and it supports me in my musical career. It goes without saying that you make time for concerts. I enjoy it immensely and it is fulfilling.

L: It's easier in the summer, because I play in the theater and we have holidays there. During the season, I find it more demanding, but in most cases I can combine both.

2. What led you to your music profession and how did you come together?

M: A lot of credit goes to my family, who have always supported me as much as possible in what I do. If it weren't for my grandfather, who devoted several years of his time to me and practiced with me, I might not have even engaged in this profession. Lukáš and I know each other well, basically I started with him in a "Zuš" group called Black&White. It was a great experience for me. I am grateful to him for it. And our musical collaboration still works today.

L: I had a relationship with music from a young age, but I started playing the trumpet quite late, despite my grandfather's insistence for many years. Mark and I met at school and started playing together quite recently.

3. What are your favorite fashion pieces?

M: I especially like elegant style. So shirts, elegant trousers and ankle boots or sneakers. For casual wear, I like to wear white/black or Off White t-shirts, sweatpants, jeans and sweatshirts.

L: I like the minimalist style. That's why when I discovered ELKA LOUNGE, this brand became one of my favorites.

4. What is important to you when choosing clothes (materials, appearance, comfort, sustainability,...)?

M: Appearance, material and, of course, comfort certainly play a big role. I absolutely love wearing your ELKA LOUNGE clothing, which fulfills all of these.

L: Appearance is important to me, and how my clothes fit. I also wonder who is behind the production and if my favorite piece has not traveled all over the world for me…

5. How do you spend your free time? What's your favorite thing to wear when you have space all to yourself?

M: I spend my free time listening to music, going on trips with my girlfriend or playing sports with my friends, with whom I play futsal and badminton. I wear a tracksuit when I'm at home.

L: I like to spend my free time with my family or on my bike. And I also adapt my clothes to that. Something comfortable with the kids, a jersey and trainers for cycling.

6. What is well-being for you?

M: For me, it is the enthusiasm of musical performances, satisfied listeners and organizers. In short, I live for music with all my heart and I like to pass my enthusiasm on.

L: Unknown term, I have to google ;))

7. Do you try to take care of yourself, or how?

M: I do hygienic maintenance every day, I ride a bicycle or scooter here and there. I also like massages.

L: I've been getting tough lately, so I look forward to a tub of ice water every morning.

8. What are you currently working on/ what are you looking forward to/ what is ahead of you?

M: We are currently working on increasing the visibility of our group Muzikanti na trip. We want to make our music known to cafes and bars throughout the Czech Republic. We do not object to wedding ceremonies or corporate events either. We are always looking forward to the listeners and the businesses to play in. The mutual cooperation is charming and we enjoy each game to the fullest. We would like to make a promo video and website. In the summer, we have a lot of playing in beautiful locations. We are very much looking forward to it.

L: I'm still working to make the listeners enjoy my music, I'm looking forward to my children and I hope that there are many beautiful concerts ahead of me.

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