The Kovacs

Klara and Radek Kovac

Klara, standing on the podium of Miss Czech Republic and continuing career as a model is the dream of many young girls. Was it the same for you?

Not at all! My dream was to be a policewoman on horseback, a veterinarian, but not a model at all. Until a friend signed me up for Miss when I was 17 and there was no going back.

Radek, did you want a career as a professional athlete from a young age and was football an obvious choice, or was it completely different?

It was a clear choice for me from a young age.

Are you subject to fashion trends when choosing clothes?

K: I am not subject. I like to wear sporty/elegant clothes, and just because something is trendy doesn't necessarily mean it will suit me. Haha :-)

R: Yes, I am interested in fashion. But I do have my style.


What are your favorite fashion pieces?

K: The most popular for me are definitely ELKA LOUNGE brand sweatpants and otherwise all sports items - sweatshirts, t-shirts... Somewhere towards the end of the list, then jeans.

R: Amiri jeans and I'm a huge shoe lover.

What is important to you when choosing clothes?

K: Convenience and usability. I don't like when I buy something and then it hangs in my closet and I don't wear it.

R: I have to like it and it has to fit me.

How do you spend your free time?

K: With family, friends over good food and drink.

R: With family.

How do you take care of yourself?

K: I like going to the sauna, to massages and to various cosmetic procedures. Overall, I like body and face care.

R: I do sports and sometimes I go for a massage and a sauna.

How would you define well-being?

K: Eat, meditate, love :-)

R: To me it means being positive.

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