Představujeme Home & Loungewear koncept

Introducing the Home & Loungewear concept

We have been creating the ELKA brand since 2008. In addition to our "typical" shorts, other products have gradually been born, and our brand concept has also developed over the years. And so the Home & Loungewear concept was born. What can you imagine under it and what are the ELKA LOUNGE visions?


What is the Home & Loungewear concept?

For us, this label means taking care of your home as well as your leisure wardrobe. A wardrobe that may have been represented for a long time by older pieces or sports fashion. That's exactly what we decided to change. We want to be part of moments that deserve the greatest comfort. We want to create products that will amaze you with the amazing quality and delicacy of the materials, so that you feel the maximum "well-being".


How do ELKA pieces fit into our lives?

Underwear with a "loungewear" finish

x Don't expect lace or functional underwear from us.

+ We produce loungewear underwear - that is, underwear that is looser, more pleasant, in short, more comfortable and relaxing in all areas.

+ Our underwear is also suitable for less dynamic sports or sports where too much support is not required, such as yoga.


Bodysuits, tank tops and t-shirts

+ Our bodysuits, tank tops and T-shirts are thought out in detail.

+ You can use the points as a basis for dozens of comfortable and stylish outfits.

+ Women's tank tops made of micromodal are great for at home, but also for sleeping.

+ T-shirts made of 100% organic cotton can be worn at home, but can also be added to any casual everyday outfit.


Shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirts

+ Shorts excel in their use for the whole day, leisure activities and sports.

+ Sweatpants and sweatshirts are extra soft and suitable for all times when you want to feel like you're "in cotton".

+ You will appreciate them most after sports, wellness, or as companions for cooler mornings and evenings.


Bedding and Deco&Home

+ Bedding was a natural addition to our homewear and loungewear outfits.

+ The minimalist design and more basic colors fit into various styles of your home, and the bedding can be with you for decades.

+ We continue to use the pieces of fabric that are left over after making bed linen. As part of our minimum waste philosophy, we use them to produce relaxation masks and scented bags.


Premium materials and ethical Czech production

Since our beginnings, we have been paying attention to the maximum ethical values ​​of our business. Since 2008, when sustainability was not yet a "fashionable" word in the world, we have been producing completely without plastics, from natural certified materials and completely in the Czech Republic. When wearing our products, you can not only have a warm feeling to the touch, but also a good feeling of wearing a brand with a minimal impact on the environment. In addition, the products that are created in our workshops have a very long life, and the simple design eliminates the need for replacement.



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