8 důvodů pro naše BODY

8 Reasons for Our Bodysuits

Women's bodysuits should be celebrated, immortalized, and thanked for being here with us. Every woman should have a piece in her wardrobe that is both practical and well-thought-out – just like our bodysuits. You'll appreciate them for 8 reasons! What are they?

1. Style: Women's bodysuits with the perfect neckline 

We've designed our women's bodysuits to have a neckline that's just right. It doesn't stand out too much from most tops, nor does it overly emphasize your assets.

2. Active seams

You might not be familiar with this term, and that's okay – we weren't until recently either. However, it's a brilliant invention of flat seams that are practically impossible to feel, yet they are extremely strong and provide incredible elasticity to the product. We use them in both our bras and our bodysuits, especially in the most stressed areas.

3. Bottom snaps – in the right place

Anyone who hasn't paid attention to this "detail" is undoubtedly a bodysuit novice. It's a practical yet often overlooked feature of women's bodysuits. We conducted a survey among customers and discovered these nuances. Quality bodysuits must have snaps, not too much in the front (to avoid being visible under clothing) and not too much in the back (to avoid discomfort). We designed it exactly like that, and market feedback reports 100% satisfaction.

4. Second skin material: Micromodal bodysuits 

Second skin, that's exactly what our micromodal bodysuits are. The 185-gram weight material is an absolute winner. Once we received it from our suppliers, we couldn't resist, and the surprise came during production. We had never worked with such an optimally behaving material. You'll see; it's truly divine!

5.Colors for 99% of your outfits

Black, white, nude. Tell me, is there a chance that one of these colors wouldn't match any of your outfits? We might add khaki and a few other shades, but these can perfectly make up your full body pack.

6. Brazilian-style cut

Even the panty section didn't escape our attention. Women's bodysuits are a universal piece in your wardrobe, so the panties should be universal as well. So, we chose a Brazilian cut. Not thongs, not "granny panties." Just high-quality basic bodysuits.

7. Ethically made – with the necessary certification 

For us, it's already a given, but among other products and brands, we still consider it an advantage. When you wear our bodysuit, you can do so ethically. We manufacture bodysuits from micromodal by a European supplier (material derived from beech cellulose) right here in the Czech Republic, with OEKO-TEX 100 material certification – ensuring absolute safety in dyeing, which is a must-have for all lingerie.

8. You can get used to it

 Our bodysuit, like most other pieces from our BASIC brand, is here to stay. We don't plan to change it every season; we want you to find your size, see how it fits, learn how to wear it, fall in love with the color, and finally... continuously buy it without the need to risk more "untested" purchases.

Do you already own our bodysuits? If not, you can get them here: ELKA LOUNGE Women's Bodysuits.

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