Bavlněný satén, úžasný materiál na povlečení, noční i spodní prádlo. Co z něj vyrábíme my?

Cotton Satin: Amazing Material for Bedding, Nightwear, and Underwear. What Do We Make from It?

Cotton satin has dozens of great properties and one negative – people often confuse it with artificial satin, which has unfortunately become visually prominent. Let's talk about the real thing, cotton satin, and learn more about it.


The Basis: Cotton as Soft as Silk 

As we've mentioned, please forget about the artificial, incredibly shiny pattern that makes you sweat and look like you're from a '90s movie (no offense). Today, we're talking about cotton satin, an amazing natural material that is very soft. Thanks to the density of its weave, it's one of the most durable materials and also holds color exceptionally well. That's why products made from cotton satin are not only beautiful but also vibrant, and they will last for decades!


Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter 

Cotton satin is an excellent material for year-round bedding, nightwear, and underwear because it has thermoregulatory properties. In summer, you'll appreciate its cooling abilities, while in winter, you'll enjoy the cozy warmth it provides.


No Wrinkles 

This is a feature you'll particularly appreciate with bedding or men's underwear. You won't have to spend time ironing or fussing with wrinkles. The perfect combination of this material and the cut is cotton satin boxer shorts.


What Makes Our Cotton Satin Special? 

It's the softest! And we're not exaggerating. Finding such material took us several years. While it might seem like a given these days, it's not. Finding high-quality material in all aspects (softness, shrinkage, fineness, colorfastness, eco-friendly processing, origin...) is extremely challenging. We had samples from all over the world until we discovered a Czech company that produces exactly what we need. Extra-soft cotton satin, processed in the Czech Republic with transparent processes and OekoTex 100 certification.


What Do We Make from Cotton Satin? 

We're absolutely captivated by cotton satin and fall into it every day when we lie down in bed. We make about 70% of our boxer shorts, sleeping masks, and, especially, bedding from it. We've chosen a material that's a bit more expensive but has an exceptionally long lifespan. Our boxer shorts or cotton satin bedding will last you for several years. In combination with minimalist and timeless design, we see this as another step towards sustainability and slowing down unnecessary fast fashion.

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